Welcome back! Critical Connections: Libraries and Student Achievement

September agenda:

1. Our Vision for 21st Century Libraries and Librarians
Julie & Kim are your advocates – keep up the GREAT work!
Librarians as building leaders – teaching 21st century skills to students and staff
Watch orientation video from Leroy Drive elementary – Nice work

2. End of Year Reports & Julie’s summary

3. Destiny – RE: Patron Records
Email IT Help for Patron fixes only – please do not call:
Employee records-
Student records –
Non-Employee records

4. Destiny - RE: Item Records (MARC records)
Email Jennifer & Nancy for MARC fixes

5. New District-Approved Vendors and Library Books!
"It’s a Book" video trailer from Barnes & Noble
Thank you to our vendor review panel.

6. What’s New? and Celebrate Greatness!
Adams12 Power Libraries list

7. TL Evaluation Rubric
Posted on Library Services and Critical Connections wikis

8. Coaches for everyone – be connected

9. 2010-11 professional development course & how to enroll.

10. Stay connected using the class wiki and library services wiki.
Library Services Wiki - http://adams12libraryservices.wikispaces.com/
Critical Connections Wiki - http://criticalconnections.wikispaces.com/
Last Year’s classTally Ho Wiki - http://adams12libraries.wikispaces.com/Home+-+T-L+Class+

11. Tech applications every TL must be able to use:
Destiny circ system – and ALL its functions
Starmail and Google Apps
Baker & Taylor and Mackin online ordering
Our Adams12 library wikis
Moodle for ELL training and online classes
PD Express to sign up for professional development
Nettrekker searching for elementary and middle
WorldBook online database, EBSCO online database, video databases,
Citation Machine or NoodleTools, Kidspiration, PhotoStory, MovieMaker or iMovie
online content sites like Thinkfinity, NBCLearn, BBC, National Geo,
Digital cameras, flip cameras,
Office word and excel
Other applications unique to your building

Complete Sept. Agenda in .pdf form Spreadsheet of Complete Sept. Agenda to take notes on: