Critical Connections: Libraries and Student Achievement

November Agenda:

Monday, Nov. 1, 2010

Topic: What Does It Look Like when students are LEARNING in the library?
Based on the article by Allison Zamuda in School Library Media Activites Monthly, Sept. 2008
Next Month’s Topic – Copyright. Read or skim the book for our December meeting.
Everyone: Initial sheet that you have received a copy of Copyright Clarity: How Fair Use Supports Digital Learning, by Renee Hobbs.
This book IS NOT catalogued. Why not catalogued – it’s your resource and is very unlikely your teachers will want to check it out. If you want it catalogued, you will be able to Add a Copy after you go through the Add A Copy class.
Baker & Taylor – not yet
Auto Dialer – How it will work…..
1. Run a Destiny report (that we will create for you) to get only the barcode for each student with an overdue.
2. Put the barcode list into a format that the auto-dialer (School Messenger) reads
3. Import the list to the auto-dialer.
What you need to do: Talk to your attendance person or whoever works with the auto-dialer to let them know you will be sending overdues using School Messenger and you’d like their help.
ELL Training Supplement: Would you consider buying this book as a resource for your teachers?
Paper to Practice: Using the Tesol Elp Standards in Prek-12 by Margo Gottlieb
ISBN 978-1931-18555-4
$39.95 from Baker & Taylor. This book is not available from Mackin.
Elementary TLs who do book fairs: Brief discussion of ordering from Scholastic Resource Catalog.
Choice Sessions:
1. Make your own smartboard with a Wii and your StarCart (Bretta, teacher at Cotton Creek Elementary in Flatirons)

2. Create a digital story using PhotoStory or iMovie (Stacia and Christine C in Alpine Lab)

3. Destiny - Student logins - book reviews, book star ratings, and more. (Kristen and Kim in Sunlight Peak with laptops.)