Critical Connections: Libraries and Student Achievement

January Agenda:

Monday, January 10 and Wednesday, January 26

Topic: District Internal Auditor requirements for Library accounting
The District has recommended certain procedures to be followed by ALL school libraries in matters pertaining to accounting. The main focus of these procedures is to standardize processing of student fees collected when library materials are damaged or lost. All Librarians and Clerks will be expected to follow these recommended procedures beginning January 14, 2011.

Class handout:

Reports and Procedures you will learn how to do:

1. Mark an item as Lost, Add a Bill (for Lost or Damaged), and Pay the Bill.
2. Create a receipt
3. Refund a payment made
4. Run the Destiny Fine Report monthly and when depositing money
5. Forgive a fee for a Lost item with no payment made

Instructions for above are on the Library Services Wiki on the Destiny How-To page.