Critical Connections: Libraries and Student Achievement

February Agenda:

Monday, February 7 and Wednesday, February 23

Topic: Copyright 3:50 - 4:20

Class Handout -

Copyright Clarity by Renee Hobbs
Proposed new Copyright poster for your wall
Proposed new website and superintendent policy

We will get more familiar some of the big concepts presented in the book.
Public Domain
Creative Commons
Fair Use in Education and the 4 questions one must ask

Watch two examples of online projects to evaluate for Fair Use in Education with your group.

Breakout Sessions: 4:20 - 5:30
1. Flatirons with laptops - Bobbi Craig with Mackin Collection Development reports (more in-depth about how to use yours)
2. Alpine lab - Kristen L & Scott B. - using Flip Cameras with students
3. Sunlight Peak - local author Jackie St. Joan talk about engaging students and her book (My Sisters Made Of Light)

In My Sisters Made of Light, Jacqueline St. Joan uses her extensive travels and research in Pakistan—as well as her own experiences as a human rights activist, lawyer, and judge—to share with readers a compelling, heartbreaking, and sometimes terrifying look into the lives of women and men in the social, political, and religious maze that is Pakistan.

The novel centers on three activist sisters who dedicate themselves to helping the women of Pakistan. My Sisters Made of Light is a novel about the extraordinary courage of ordinary women living in the closed society that is contemporary Pakistan