Critical Connections: Libraries and Student Achievement

February Agenda:

Monday, December 6 and Wednesday, December 15

Topic: Copyright Clarity by Renee Hobbs, Overview and things to consider
Presentation by Diane Strevey, Suzanne Libra, and Laura Israelsen

1. Everyone: Posting Book Reviews to Destiny:
Dana Lott gave a good start. Use this forms if you desire. Remember, everyone in the district can see a book review posted by someone.

2. Consider Buying eBooks for your students:
**Opinion: Children need both digital and print books**
There need not be a battle between digital and print books for students, writes Gabrielle E. Miller, the national executive director for the nonprofit Raising a Reader. Each option has benefits for young readers and both are needed to ensure that children are comfortable with e-book technology as well as with the simple act of reading a book.

Choice Topics:
Flatirons: Mentor/mentee meet-up time with no presentation.

Alpine Lab: Using the Auto-Dialer (School Messenger) to send a message about Overdues

Sunlight Peak: Advocacy ideas from Linda Spade at Silver Creek Elementary - Will include:
Preschool Story Hour
Voting in November with CCCA
Father/Son Night, Mother/Daughter Night
100 Favorite Picture Book election
Paragraph and Poster Contests
Birthday Club fundraiser